In 2018, we started AKQUIRED to shatter the days of overpriced and outdated business models of the sunglasses industry. This movement was started by one person who decided to have the guts to fight back on the billion dollar industry and be set apart from the rest of the pack by bringing you high quality and innovated sunglasses designs at a fraction of what the big brands cost.  

The inspiration is simple. I am here for the people that want nice things and cannot afford to get them.  About 80 percent of the population cannot afford the $150 dollar sunglasses. It's time for that 80 percent to have style & luxury they deserve and can afford! It's time to change the game! 

I want people to be inspired by my actions, my business and together as one we will shake up every conglomerates that charge outrageous prices on sunglasses. These are the companies that have the super perfect models and paint you a picture of luxury. Those days are coming to end.  Its time for the grinders that have to work 9-5 then go to that second job or have three jobs and raise kids.  Its time to rise , Its time for a change for the people in the trenches like me. I'm not using crowdfunding, indiegogo or even investors to start and run this company.  Its all me working 12 hours a day a couple of jobs and using that money to put in the work to help everyone in the trenches.  Let's change the game together.  Its time for style you can afford. 


-Henry C. 

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