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Welcome To Akquired – Your Ultimate Store For Styling Yourself And Your Home

Whether You Look To Freshen Up Your Own Looks Or That Of Your Home – Look No Further!  Waking up in the morning, not knowing what clothes to wear, what health and beauty products to apply or not even knowing how your home should be styled, much less what kind of everyday utility appliances should be present is so frustrating!

From the tiny details on how your skin should be looking and feeling to what kind of surveillance you want your home to be protected by, don’t fear anymore because we have exactly what you need!

Ever dreamt of waking up, looking and feeling good, knowing that you are protected by a smart home IP camera?

Your face, soft and smooth as silk is being has gently been taken care of by our appealing yet effective make-up sponge. Put on lipstick using our professional lop liner pencil while styling yourself with some flower earrings and a snap button bracelet combined with a breath of fresh air leaves ring.

Put on some cool, awesome-looking vintage sunglasses as well as allowing your ears to be immersed in music using the wireless Bluetooth headset and you’re all set!

Go out and conquer the day!